Thursday, July 30, 2009

Outrage via PayPal

Thanks to Blackfive, I came across a recent outrage involving a great charity and an anti-gun company.

Kevin at The Smallest Minority has the story on a raffle planned for an event to be held in Reno, Nevada in September, and the grand prize is a new handgun. The proceeds were to go to a project run by the charity Soldiers' Angels known as Project Valour-IT. The tickets sales were to be conducted via PayPal, and things were going great, tickets selling like hotcakes and all.

Then PayPal shut down Soldiers' Angels' entire account. Why? The company is known to be anti-gun, as Kevin noted.

It's a outrage, pure and simple, a d--n outrage. Kevin has a phone number for PayPal's customer service; if you can call them, that would be great. And if you can also buy a ticket for the raffle, that would be even better. The tickets are $10 each, you don't have to be in Reno for the drawing, and the gun is a .45 ACP 1911 model handgun from Para USA. I've seen pictures of it, and it is a beauty.

Soldiers' Angels is a great charity which deserves complete support from us, and not the outrageous actions of a company like PayPal. Please help.


Kevin said...

We've managed to bypass PayPal! Another sponsor of the Rendezvous,, an ammo site, is doing the on-line ticket sales for us with all proceeds (minus the 3% credit card fee) going to Soldiers' Angels. Soldiers' Angels is still taking phone orders for those who don't want to purchase on-line. Details here.

And thanks again for linking!

Morgan said...

Thank you, Kevin, for the update. Hope you keep selling a lot of tickets.